The 2nd Switching of Application Plans for 2019 – “Provident Fund Scheme for Workers in the Public Services”

The Pension Fund has selected 6th June 2019 as the second switching day of application plans under the Provident Fund Scheme in 2019, and the remaining switchings will take place in September and December respectively.

Members should pay attention to the followings:

In order to support environmental protection, the frequency of our distributing paper account documents will be reduced, since this year, from a quarterly basis to half-yearly (in late January and late July respectively). Therefore, the paper account documents of this quarter will not be distributed to our members.

“Switching Information Desk”
Members may login to the “Switching Information Desk” by scanning the QR code on the right side or login to the desktop website of the Pension Fund“My Online Account” to browse the latest situation of accounts or to download the latest account documents (available in Chinese and Portuguese only).

In order to increase the ways of obtaining account information for our members, the functions of printing account documents have been added at the self-service kiosks (with printing services) in Macao. Members can print their latest account documents of the Provident Fund anytime (available in Chinese and Portuguese only).

If members need to switch their application plans, they should consult the guideline for filling in the switching declaration form firstly. Members should fill in all information and the distribution percentages in the form (available in Chinese and Portuguese only) completely and correctly. The signed declaration forms shall be submitted to the Pension Fund through the service departments that the members belong to, before the submission deadlines determined by their service departments. The Pension Fund will not process any declaration forms with errors, omissions or incompleteness.

The switching declaration forms and the guidelines could be obtained through the service departments that the members belong to, or be downloaded through the Pension Fund’s website. The reminders of filling out the form are added in the switching declaration forms of our website. Members are suggested to downloaded and to fill in the forms through our website.

If members intend to maintain the current situation unaltered and decide not to switch the application plans, it is not necessary for them to fill in and submit the declaration forms.

For enquiries about switching, members are welcome to dial our hotline 2835 6556 during the office hours. Members may also make appointments of face-to-face services through our hotline. Our service hours will be flexibly extended to 8 p.m. on working days.